Our customers rely on Nylstar high quality Polyamide 6.6. fibers to produce innovative products beyond the textile and apparel markets. Electrical, automotive and other industries are in continuous development to discover the benefits of Nylstar's Polyamide 6.6. Discover how Nylstar yarns are innately a part of your life.

Zips & Closures

Nylstar's yarns are​ found in Velcro® and other​ hook and loop closures. We provide also yarns for a wide variety of zip fasteners

Sewing Thread & Cordage

Nylstar's sewing thread is used in critical and demandin applications such as airbags, and automotive interiors. Its cordage is used in high quality ropes, nets and reinforcements.


Nylstar's fabric goes into car seats, outdoor tarps, boat covers and pet beds.


Numerous customers rely on our workwear fabrics. Made with the most resistant Nylstar's yarns, they keep up with any workload.

Bags & Luggage

Beautiful, and yet very resistant, bags and luggage made with Nylstar's yarns can handle the thuds and smacks that occur while traveling. Also widely used in the packaging industry.

Embroidery & Trims

Nylstar's renowned brands like Meryl Satiné (Brilliant & Trilobal Nylon) is the preferred for embroidery and trims.

Transmission belts

Nylstar produces high adhesive and low elongation yarns, with an excellent adhesion to rubber, for conveyor belts, hoses and engine belts.

Sling belts, straps, and nets

Nylstar produces and supplies various yarns ranging from light deniers to heavy deniers for slings, straps, ropes, fishing nets and geo-textiles.


With a strict external control, prominent abrasion resistance, and excellent dyeing quality, Nylstar supplies yarns for diverse seatbelts, such as low denier and black spun dyed yarn

Coated Fabrics

Parachutes and hot air balloons. Fabrics for the coating industry, anti-static fabrics, release fabrics and cable binding Fabrics

Other Fabrics

- Membrane Fabrics: Used as reinforcement in certain finished products, such as molds, profile or brake diaphragms.
- Breaker Fabrics: Is a reinforcement fabric, which has a good level of adhesion and resistance with its open structure.
- Chafer and liner fabrics: used generally in tire industry