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Meryl Product line, premium soft fabrics for the apparel & fashion market.

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Nylstar Product line defines our high quality technical fabrics to the very highest especifications.

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Meryl Product Families

Meryl Nateo Logo Grey

Meryl® Nateo

A specially modified full dull microfiber that feels and looks like cotton. Its properties make the ultimate choice for studio sports.

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Meryl Hydrogen Logo Grey

Meryl® Hydrogen

The unique production process of this premium fiber offers superb a unique peach touch and moisturizes your skin. Incredibly soft.

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Meryl Sublime Logo Grey

Meryl® Sublime

Made with the finest filament of the world, Meryl Sublime can be used to construct extremely fine close-woven and knitted fabrics.

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Meryl Actisystem Logo Grey

Meryl® Actisystem

With outstanding sun protection and wicking properties, this material is perfect for shirts for active outdoor sports.

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Meryl Elite Logo Grey

Meryl® Elite

For ​​silky-soft mesh structures ​and ​extremely sheer tights, using ultra-fine covered yarns​ ​that ​feel especially light and airy.

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Meryl Satiné Logo Grey

Meryl® Satiné

This microfiber reflects the light and provides garments with an extraordinary shiny look while offering performance and high comfort.

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Meryl Derm Logo Grey

Meryl® Derm

Meryl Derm is capable to renew the hydration while protecting the skin from free radicals and environmental stressors.

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Meryl Souple Logo Grey

Meryl® Souple

Discover the attractive of Meryl Souple, with an amazing soft touch it is responsible of extraordinary comfortable garments.

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Meryl Essense

Meryl® Essense

Meryl® Essense, lower fiber weight, higher volume. Perfect for thick knits for upperbody garments.

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Meryl Matesse

Meryl® Mattesse

Meryl® Mattesse offers a fresh touch and great shape for premium dull tights. High resistant and naturally elastic, Meryl® Mattesse is perfect for an active lifestyle.

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Meryl Products

Meryl Nexten Logo Grey

Meryl® Nexten

Being air the most advanced thermal insulator, this hollow fiber makes it ideal for protective winter garments and light and comfortable underwear.

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Meryl Skinlife Logo Grey

Meryl® Skinkife

The most advanced mix of intelligent nylon yarns. It has permanent antimicrobial properties so that the skin maintains a natural balance.

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Meryl Solutions

Meryl EcoDye Logo Grey

Meryl® EcoDye

Feel Meryl Eco-Revolution with our new range of dope dyed yarns. Water free dyed yarns in basic style and season trends.

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Meryl Tango Logo Grey

Meryl® Tango

Using specific polymer our fabrics offers color shades in one-step and two different colors on conventional dyeing process with better touch and less pilling when compared to cotton.

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Meryl Digital Print Logo Grey

Meryl® Digital Print

Using specific polymer our fabrics offers impressive colors in Digital Printing.

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Meryl Stretch Logo Grey

Meryl® Stretch

The latest generation of premium covered yarns by the hand of Meryl Stretch; resistant, comfortable and elastic.

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